Donation Point Tap Terminal

Genuine Accessories

DPT Countertop Stand

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Quest Part #: 890-0189-x
The Donation Point Countertop Stand is intended as a permanent attachment for the terminal. It converts a 'Mobile' Terminal, into a self service prominent point of interaction.

It is important that the locking screw on the stand is tightened into the terminal to prevent theft of the terminal. Further theft mitigation methods includes using the optional tether kit cable. This allows the Device to be anchored to a nearby immovable object.

The stand is supplied with a 12V plug pack and an A5 acrylic campaign banner holder. Use the banner to attract attention to the terminal and communicate your charities message.

DPT Mobile Protective Case with Hand Strap and Wrist Lanyard

See how to use the Mobile Protective Case with Hand Strap and Wrist Lanyard >>
Quest Part #: 810-0046-x and 810-0011-x
Use the Mobile Protective Case with Hand Strap and Wrist Lanyard when taking your DPT mobile. With high performance velcro, the Hand Strap is adjustable to suit a range of hand sizes and comfortable to hold with your palm around the device or the strap itself. The Mobile Protective Case creates a soft shelf for the terminal to prevent damage and with the Wrist Lanyard should also be used to further reduce the risk of drops.

DPT Countertop Stand Tether Cable

Quest Part #: 345-0393-x
Use the Tether cable to anchor the DPT to a nearby immovable object. Tether cable is 1 metre long, braided metal cable with a loop at both ends. One loop engages with the Stand, the other loop is to be anchored to an immovable object.
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DPT Floor Stand

See how to use the Floor Stand >>
Quest Part #: 810-0048-x
Quest Part #: 810-0049-x (to Retrofit a CT200 Floor Stand)
Ensure your charity has presence no matter the location with the Donation Point Tap Floor Stand. Lightweight and easy to assemble, the stand allows for a larger A4 graphic promoting your charity and message.

DPT Collection Plate accessory

See how to use the Collection Plate accessory >>
Quest Part #: 890-0177-x
The Collection Plate Kit allows your DPT terminal to be fitted inside a cash collection dish.

3.5inch Screen Protector

Quest Part #: 345-0438-x
A high quality glass screen protector is available to purchase. It serves as a layer that will protect the underlying touchscreen from everyday scuffs and scratches.